Timeless Dog Portrait

About our dog
portrait sessions

We are experienced dog portrait photographers, dog owners and pet lovers ourselves – its in our DNA. We know what a key role in the family our dogs play – and how special it is having a beautiful portrait of the dog in the home.

We have over 15 years of experience photographing dog portraits among all types of other pets. We have photographed so many different breeds, sizes, and personalities – every dog photoshoot is so different from the last. A portrait studio is a very alien place for a dog, so we work with you before the session to help prepare, and then on the day, we make sure the dog is relaxed and has become familiar with the environment before we start anything. A relaxed dog makes for stunning images, a stressed or worried dog will never work.

Once we are going, we set to work creating a wide range of images that you will love. We have a variety of stunning backgrounds, chairs, props that look great in our dog portraiture. We have several breaks in between setups to give the dog a break and a stretch of the legs and toilet stop. Everything is done in a calm, considerate manner – resulting in a stunning set of images for you.

Our Pet & Dog Portrait Experience includes:

  • Discovery calls that take you on a journey, as we discover all about your pet(s) & how to personalise the experience for you.
  • A wonderful pet & dog portrait session, in our studio, calm, stress free and lots of play – even the humans can get involved
  • Cinematic presentation of your photographs
  • Design consultation, where we’ll assist you in the selection and creation of your artwork
  • A 7×5″ desk frame featuring your favourite image

£25.00. A great pet & dog portrait experience that is worth £150.

Whats involved in a pet & dog portrait experience?

Step one,  the discovery

The most important step. This is where we discover what you hold most dear in your life, who you chose to share this amazing photographic experience with and what will make everything so meaningful.

It’s a chance for you to pause, to stop and think, to remember what it is about your dog that you and your family enjoy, love and why.

This simple and yet moving part of our experience allows you to see and reconnect with even the small things in your life, little details, simple gestures that often go unseen, or even merely taken for granted.

Through our discovery calls we learn what is most special and what connects you all.

Step two, the photography experience

Your discovery experience is then brought into your photography session. This is where we get to photograph what you love and treasure most in life.

This powerful photography captures all of the details, the touch, the expression and the bond between you and your loved ones.

There’s an energy to our photography sessions, they are enjoyable and fun, natural and easy for both your dog & their human family. It’s about capturing the beauty and the love you see in your dog everyday alongside the relationship you feel together and connected.

Step three, the cinematic reveal

An incredible cinematic experience. Sit back, relax and be wowed as we reveal your unique, personal dog and family portraits.

Following on from your reveal is your design consultation, where we will assist you in the selection and customisation of your Artwork that will bring life to your home.

We work together to create incredible, bespoke artwork that really will become heirlooms for current and future generations to enjoy, a legacy to love

Step four, your art work

Once designed, your portraits and artwork will be edited and retouched before being sent in to production in order to come to life.

Our aim is to have your artwork ready for collection within 4-6 weeks of your order. Your finished wall art will be ready to display within your home where it will immediately exude all that love and emotion held within – and yes we would love to see a photo!

Pet & dog portrait portfolio

Dog Portrait Studio Photography 0001
Dog Portrait Studio Photography 0002
Dog Portrait Studio Photography 0003
Dog Portrait Studio Photography 0004
Dog Portrait Studio Photography 0005
Dog Portrait Studio Photography 0006
Dog Portrait Studio Photography 0007
Dog Portrait Studio Photography 0013
Dog Portrait Studio Photography 0018
Dog Portrait Studio Photography 0019

Answering your questions

There is no doubt there are lots of things to consider when bringing your dog to a portrait studio, and we have been asked many of them before. Here are some of the ones we get asked the most, however, do get in touch if you have different questions of your own.

Looking for
the perfect gift?

Looking for a gift that is unique, special, and yet excellent value?

Our portrait gift vouchers are perfect for Pet & Dog Portrait sessions and make an amazing gift to give for virtually any occasion – a Pet & Dog portrait session is a great experience and includes a lovely desk frame as well.

A beautiful gift voucher will be posted to you, ready for you to give this amazing gift to someone very special.