Family Portraits

Our family portrait experiences

Your family portrait experience, with us, is so more than a photoshoot. Our portrait experiences will  take you on a journey that reconnects you with what you love most in your life & those you want to share a portrait experience with.

We create beautiful artwork that will remind you, every day, of the best version of you and your family. It is the celebration of what matters to you that is saturated into the canvas of your artworks that will turn your house into a home

When you are at home & you look at your artwork that we have created together, smile, as those loving emotions flood out saying yes, that is us, that’s my world – you are reminded instantly of your why.

Our Family Portrait Experience includes:

• Discovery calls that take families on a journey, as we discover how to personalise the experience to you.
• A wonderful family portrait session, in our studio, with those most special to you – including the family pets
• Cinematic presentation of your photographs
• Design consultation, where we’ll assist you in the selection and creation of your artwork
• A 7×5″ desk frame featuring your favourite image

£25.00. A great family portrait experience that is worth £150.

Whats involved

Step one, the discovery

Your experience starts long before your photographic session, with your discovery calls.  It’s during these calls that we’ll discover what you love most about your family.

It’s a chance to pause, to stop, to think & to remember who you love, what you love & why. Those little things, that look in the eye, the hug of a child, maybe the smell of her hair. Simple things, but ones that often go unseen, or are unintentionally taken for granted

To ensure you have a great experience, we make several of these short calls, so you have time to focus on different aspects of your family life that matter to you.

So we can see your family, through everyone’s eyes, we also make time to speak to partners & any other adults/older children sharing the experience with you – it is a real family experience at heart.

Step two, the photographic experience

Your photography experience is where we bring all of what we have learned about who you love & what’s most important to you to capture the real essence of you & the people you love & value the most

We allow one to two hours for each photographic experience

To truly photograph you & your family, in the way you describe, we work in a relaxed, natural way that is enjoyable for everyone. We concentrate on you having a great time, enjoying just being yourselves, we do the rest

We are very confident that you will love the time you spend with us & that you will so excited to come back to see the photographs we’ve created together!

Step three, the cinematic reveal

The most exciting part of your portrait experience is coming back to us, with eager anticipation, to see the portraits for the first time.

Sit back, relax & enjoy the immersive cinematic reveal, prepare to be wowed as we reveal your portraits & be ready to love them all.

Following on from your reveal is your design consultation, where we will assist you in the selection & customisation of your artwork. Together we will design perfect art work for your spaces at home.

Our bespoke artwork quickly make a home & become precious, heirlooms or legacies for generations to come.

We offer a wide range of products to suit most homes & budgets. Our wall art collections start at £1200, individual pieces at just £600 & off the wall products including mounted prints from just £150.

We will be finalising & taking payment for your order at this time, so we ask that all decision makers attend to prevent needing to reschedule.

Step four, your artwork

Once designed, your portraits & artwork will go straight into post production to be carefully retouched before being sent in to production.

Our aim is to have your artwork ready for you to collect from the studio within 3-4 weeks of your order.

Your artwork will be finished, ready to display within your home.

Once displayed, your artwork instantly becomes a celebration of all that’s important to you, the love it encapsulates & the happiness it radiates become a baseline of happiness with which to start & end every single day.

Once it’s up, yes, we’d love to see a photo!

Family portrait portfolio

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Family Portrait Studio 0061
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Family Portrait Studio 0094
Family Portrait Studio 0097
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Answering your questions

Over the years we have been asked many different questions by families considering or planning for a family portrait session, here are some of the most commonly asked questions. Feel free to get in touch if there is anything else you would like to ask about.

Looking for
the perfect gift?

Looking for a gift that is unique, special, and yet excellent value?

Our portrait gift vouchers are perfect for family portrait sessions and make an amazing gift to give for virtually any occasion – a family portrait session is a great experience and includes a lovely desk frame as well.

A beautiful gift voucher will be posted to you, ready for you to give this amazing gift to someone very special.